Reliable and valid measurements in the Pelvic Floor with the MAPLe



Did you know that the MAPLe is the only reliable and valid EMG system for measurement of the (individual) Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The MAPLe has proven to be valid and reliable. The system measures unipolarly with 24 small electrodes. MRI and ultrasound show that the 24 electrodes are located closest to the individual muscles of the pelvic floor. This enables the MAPLe to differentiate between the different sides and depths of the pelvic floor.

Besides this, the probe always has the same placement and does not create any pre-tensioning of the muscles due to its slender design. The MAPLe is able to register EMG of the individual pelvic floor muscles and to show the differences and similarities between these muscles and between different groups and show the condition or healthiness of the muscle. This is proven in different groups of healthy volunteers and in patients with an overactive bladder.

For more information about EMGs of pelvic floor muscles, their reliability and their validity, we refer to the attached White Paper: “EMG registration of pelvic floor muscles”.

Why is validity important?

Only measurements that are reliable and valid can be used for comparison. This implies that only measurements performed with the MAPLe can be compared within one patient.

The pelvic floor therapist can follow the treatment and use the measurement as a progress tool. For example, it is possible to perform a before and after therapy measurement and compare the results with last time’s measurements.

This enables the patient to see the effectiveness of the treatment, contributing to the patient’s confidence in the therapy and to his/her motivation.

The MAPLe is also the only system that allows the therapist to make a valid comparison between different patients. Because of this unique property the MAPLe is used in more and more clinical studies related to pelvic floor dysfunctions. In the future it will also be possible to collect data through the system to find out what therapy works best for which specific dysfunction.

Fact is that accurate and objective biofeedback increases the effectiveness of the treatment and contributes to a quick recovery.

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