Novuqare has long-term collaborations with its partners Philips Healthcare and GETINGE Group. We develop and produce unique products for these partners that are sold under their names. 


GETINGE Group is an important player in the sterilisation market. It is the ‘one stop shop’ for larger installations and all accessories for a hospital’s sterilisation department. Getinge’s organisations can be found globally in the major countries; it uses distributors in the smaller markets.

For many years Novuqare has been providing the development, production and service of sterilisation-sealers for GETINGE. This equipment is sold under the name of ProSeal.

A sealer is used to package medical instruments before they are sterilised. The instruments will remain sterile within this packaging for a considerable period of time. ProSeal sealers are used in the Central Sterilisation Department in hospitals, in dentist and veterinary practices and in clinics. The demand for validated high-end sealers is ever increasing. The ProSeal line meets this market need. 

Getinge Proseal in gebruik


Novuqare and Philips Healthcare has a longstanding partnership, where we develop and produce the aftersales service products for the installed base of various Philips analog X-ray equipment.

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