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« Savoir précisément où le problème se situe permet d'établir un traitement ciblé et d'obtenir de bons résultats.

C'est la meilleure chose que vous puissiez offrir à votre patient à cet instant. » 

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Dr. Marijke Slieker, physiothérapeute pelvienne 


Patient cases

Overactive bladder in men
Man, 39 years, was referred by the urologist in connection with symptoms of frequency and urgency. The patient also suffers from abdominal pain, scrotalgia and pain during ejaculation. He enjoys sport and regularly cycles long distances (180 km per day) and is also a football coach. He has a sedentary job and travels a lot by car. Read more

Fourty years old woman suffering from defecation while running
The patient is a 46 year old woman. Three years ago, she took up running however after three quarters of an hour of doing so she feels an urge and also passes a small amount of feces. Read more

Man with anal pain and difficulty emptying the bowel
Man, 46 years old, a sedentary occupation, suffers from anal pain especially during defecation, with pain that continues for a long period thereafter. Evacuation is laborious during defecation and he strains a lot throughout the day. He feels as if there is an obstruction and cannot fully empty his bowles. Read more

Urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence
Woman, 74 years old, mother of three children. Has suffered from urinary incontinence for 15 years and fecal incontinence for the past five years. This has had a huge impact on her quality of life. She is a carer and her partner who has MS and she enjoys walking to keep fit. Read more

Incontinence while running
Woman, 37 years old, has three children and suffers from urinary incontinence while running. This affects her quality of life as she enjoys sport and running is an important outlet for her. Read more

Woman suffering from pain in the lower left abdomen after laparoscopy and a difficult evacuation of feces
Woman, around 35, suffering from pain in the lower left abdomen after laparoscopy and a difficult evacuation of feces. She wants to ease the defeaction process and reduce her abdominal pain. Read more
Male incontinence after TURP
Man, around 65, suffers from urine loss after 2nd transurethral prostate resection (TURP). He wants to get rid of his incontinence. He was treated before in another practice with myofeedback and electrostimulation and would like to try the MAPLe now. Read more

Woman wants to improve micturition and reduce the urgency
Woman, around 40, otherwise healthy, had 1 pregnancy and has a daughter. She wants to improve micturition and reduce the urgency. Read more

Des études cliniques

Abstract: Pelvic floor muscle activation during contractions of the muscles surrounding the Pelvic Floor

Needle Placement and Position of Electrical Stimulation Inside Sacral Foramen Determines Pelvic Floor Electromyographic Response-Implications for Sacral Neuromodulation. 

Reliability and differentiation of pelvic floor muscle electromyography measurements in healthy volunteers using a new device: The Multiple Array Probe Leiden (MAPLe)

The effect of EMG biofeedback assisted pelvic floor muscle therapy on symptoms of the overactive bladder syndrome in women: a randomised controlled trial

Differences in EMG signals of pelvic floor musculature (PFM) in women with and without the overactive bladder syndrome


The MAPLe® is CE marked in Europe for diagnosis and treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. 
The MAPLe® is not available in the United States. For more information please contact us.

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