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Novuqare develops and produces high-quality medical and non-medical products. We market these ourselves or with our strong partners.

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We develop and assemble highly innovative medical and non-medical devices under our own name. During our many years of experience in making these devices possible, we have always put quality and customer focus first. Our in-house development and assembly capabilities have created long-term partnerships that continue to develop and expand.

Our focus is partly fueled by our collaborations, one example is our partnership with Getinge. More than a decade ago we started our cooperation and shared our experiences . Due to the in-house development of several models, we have made great progress in the field of sealer technology. This has resulted in the creation of two of the best and most user-friendly sealers available on the market today.


With the newly developed P40 and P20 rotary sealers we offer the quality and service that our existing partners rely on. The P40 and P20 are designed and manufactured with an aim to allow the sterilization world meet the Novuqare brand and products.

Equipped with our latest technology and proven designs, the SealMate devices are built around a precisely designed aluminum frame, encased by a beautiful designed metal housing that represents Novuqare design and style.

The modular design provides easy access for validation according to ISO 11607-2 and periodic cleaning and maintenance. Each component is designed to minimize maintenance and service. To ensure that the periodic maintenance runs smoothly and quickly, the components are easily accessible and interchangeable.


The new SealMate devices are now available at Novuqare.

SealMate 1

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To launch a new era in global collaboration, we are always looking for distributors to help us realize our vision, to provide the best possible healthcare tools and to meet demanding medical environments. With this in mind, we are looking for distributors who want to work together to deliver these tools to the healthcare market.

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A targeted and effective treatment of pelvic floor disfunctions starts with an accurate diagnosis. With the MAPLe you can really make the difference for your patient and you take your practice for pelvic physiotherapy to a higher level. With the MAPLe you understand the pelvic floor! Through the accurate diagnosis you can make a specific treatment plan. The MAPLe provides targeted biofeedback of individual muscles on different sides and depths in the pelvic floor. You can also give local electrostimulation. This allows you to stimulate exactly where the problem is. This helps with the treatment and the awareness of the patient.


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For the development of products, new and innovative solutions are always sought after to make the treatment or operation better, faster and safer. We work closely with Key Opinion Leaders and experienced users from the field. For all Novuqare Medical applications and products,  clinical studies have been conducted in collaboration with leading doctors, therapists and / or hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad. Novuqare also conducts clinical research for product innovation for our Medical products.



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