Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management is set up at Novuqare to deliver products as efficiently as possible. We recognize that this process is one of the most important aspects for the assembly chain. Together with our customers we determine KPIs for:

We provide for various partners specific products and services for the after-sales markets.

Inventory management

We can organize inventory management according to customer requirements. This can be in the area of ​​parts, semi-finished products or for the completed final products. We efficiently meet these requirements by making clear agreements with suppliers and customers.

These agreements form the basis of our operational working method and help us to realize the targets and agreements for you. We favor and provide transparent information about our offers and working methods.

Quality control

Quality is in our DNA, it starts with our name NovuQare where the Q stands for Quality. Good quality control cannot be taken for granted. Novuqare is constantly analyzing and optimizing its processes so that we can meet your quality expectations and requirements.

Final inspection and production controlling steps play an important role in our production setup. For these inspections, we have qualified employees who are trained and educated to check all components for the required specifications you require. We do this depending on the component 100 percent or on a sample basis. For final inspection of products, we draw up test protocols in cooperation, including the associated documentation.


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