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7 Mar 2022

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Online demonstration MAPLe system

7 Mar 2022

Are you interested in a free online demonstration? Sent an email to and we will contact you to see what is possible

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Accessibility Ascension and Pentecost

1 Mar 2022

Novuqare is closed on following days: *    Monday 18 april Easter *    Thursdag 26 may Ascension *    Friday 27 may day after Ascension *    Monday 6 june Pentecost   For urgent matters please contact...

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Overactive bladder in men

9 Dec 2016

Man, 39 years, was referred by the urologist in connection with symptoms of frequency and urgency. The patient also suffers from abdominal pain, scrotalgia and pain during ejaculation. He enjoys sport...

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Reliable and valid measurements in the Pelvic Floor with the MAPLe

6 Dec 2016

Did you know that the MAPLe is the only reliable and valid EMG system for measurement of the (individual) Pelvic Floor Muscles? The MAPLe has proven to be valid and reliable. The system measures unipo...

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The MAPLe is effective for OAB

25 Nov 2016

The MAPLe® is effective for OAB The Medical journal Neurourology and Urodynamics published a clinical study on the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB) sydrome with the MAPLe.The study, performed und...

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