Incontinence while running


Initial situation
The patient is female, 37 years old, has three children and suffers from urinary incontinence while running. This affects her quality of life as she enjoys sport and running is an important outlet for her.

Following the initial consultation and digital palpation, the pelvic physiotherapist took a Resting-, MVC- and Endurance-measurement using the MAPLe:

Casus nieuwsbrief januari 2016 NL

The MAPLe-measurements show an elevated resting tension, particularly in the deep upper left area. The MVC and the Endurance also show a contraction-activity, specifically deep left. This image corresponds with the digital palpation and matches the patient’s symptoms. There is an imbalance in the pelvic floor which can lead to urinary loss.

The treatment
The aim of the treatment was to improve the entire pelvic floor activity, focussing on increasing strength and improving relaxation.

The pelvic physiotherapist provided an explanation of the pelvic region and the function of the pelvic floor in relation to movement and organ function. She then provided targeted electro stimulation with the MAPLe on the following settings:

Place: vaginal ring 1-6
Phase duration: 350 μ sec
Pulse frequency: 40 Hz
Duration: 5 to 6 minutes

Place: vaginal ring 4-6
Phase duration: 350 μ sec
Pulse frequency: 40 Hz
Duration: 5 to 6 minutes

The result
After four sessions, the pelvic physiotherapist took the following MAPLe-measurements:

Casus nieuwsbrief januari 2016 NL 2

The measurements show significant improvement in the overall pelvic floor function. The MAPLe-grid now shows Resting as a nice light grey, meaning the total pelvic floor is able to properly relax. In addition, the MVC and the Endurance are showing a much blacker image, meaning the pelvic floor is stronger. This concurred with the patient’s feedback.

After four sessions, she had no further symptoms and can now go back to running feeling confident and relaxed.



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