Overactive bladder in men


Man, 39 years, was referred by the urologist in connection with symptoms of frequency and urgency. The patient also suffers from abdominal pain, scrotalgia and pain during ejaculation. He enjoys sport and regularly cycles long distances (180 km per day) and is also a football coach. He has a sedentary job and travels a lot by car. His afflictions are seriously impacting on his life. Business meetings can be difficult because of his constant need for the toilet.

Diagnosis using the MAPLe
The diagnostic resting measurement by the MAPLe (see image 1) showed an increased average resting value. In addition, it is clear to see that the external anal sphincter was overactive. The deviation of the EMG is also great (turbulent EMG on the graph and flickers in the circle). The patient had an extremely powerful MVC.

Image 1: diagnostic resting measurement by the MAPLe (1/2)

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Image 2: diagnostic resting measurement by the MAPLe (2/2)

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Treatment with the MAPLe
The treatment consisted of two parts. The first session was used to help the patient feel how to relax the external anal sphincter. This was done by providing stimulation for a period of 5 minutes on ring 4-6 at a frequency of 80 Hertz and a phase duration of 250 µsec.


Directly after the stimulation the resting value diminished around the external anal sphincter.


To suppress the urge, electro stimulation was also employed in the following four sessions. A frequency of 8 Hertz and a phase duration of 1000 µsec was chosen for this type of stimulation. The left and upper side of the probe was selected as location and turned in such a way that the stimulation was precisely over the urethra. Current was applied continuously for approximately 20 minutes per session.

The result
The resting value was significantly reduced to 3.8 µV (see image 3) and the deviation was much less (the EMG is much calmer). The patient is now virtually symptom-free. Frequency and urgency are greatly reduced and he is able to comfortably sit through meetings. Ejaculation is no longer painful and he no longer suffers from scrotalgia. Micturition and defecation have also improved. The patient now understands how the pelvic floor feels when it is relaxed and can apply this during the day.

The MAPLe is effective not just for women but also for men suffering from overactive bladders.

Image 3: the result

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