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Novuqare B.V. develops and produces high quality medical products. We bring these to the market ourselves or through well-founded partners. 

Developed by Novuqare Pelvic Health

The MAPLe is a unique and innovative product by Novuqare Pelvic Health which enables the pelvic floor to be visible in High Definition for the first time. The MAPLe has been developed for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

MAPLe overzicht vrijstaand

Developed by Novuqare Hospital Equipment

In addition, we develop and produce sealer-equipment for sterile packaging of medical devices.


Getinge ProSeal

As an OEM-partner, Novuqare has long-term partnerships with, among others, the GETINGE Group and Philips Healthcare.

All of our products are produced with the utmost care. Novuqare B.V. is ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certified, and therefore meet strict quality requirements.

Novuqare product innovation

New and innovative solutions are always being sought for the development of products, enabling better, faster and safer healthcare. We work closely with the Key Opinion Leaders and with experienced users on the ground. Clinical studies have been carried out for all of Novuqare’s clinical applications in collaboration with leading physicians, therapists and/or hospitals at home and abroad. Novuqare B.V. also conducts clinical research for product innovation.

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