Start with the right diagnosis

With the MAPLe you will understand the pelvic floor

High Definition

The MAPLe has 24 electrodes that can measure and stimulate 12 to 24 times more accurately than ever before.

One probe

The unique design and positioning of the 24 electrodes make the MAPLe probe suitable for anal and vaginal use and for all dysfunctions.


The MAPLe is very easy to operate using an app on an iPad.

Easily maneuverable

De MAPLe is zeer flexibel en mobiel inzetbaar doordat er een draadloze verbinding is met de iPad.

Clinically Excellent

The MAPLe is the first clinically validated system for EMG recording and electrical stimulation for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions.

A targeted and effective treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction begins with an accurate diagnosis. The MAPLe will make a real difference to your patients and will take your pelvic physiotherapy practise to the next level. The MAPLe will enable you to really understand the pelvic floor! 

The MAPLe High Definition technology enables you to view a patient’s individual pelvic floor muscle EMG-activity at a glance, making it possible for you to provide a more specific treatment. Your patient will receive a quicker diagnosis and have an increased awareness of the muscles that are causing the problem.

Thanks to the unique design of the probe with 24 electrodes, the MAPLe is suitable for rectal and vaginal use. 

The MAPLe is the first system able to precisely identify individual muscle activity on different sides and depths in the pelvic floor allowing you to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Advantages of the MAPLe

- High Definition 24-point measurements for accurate diagnosis and treatment
- Pure measurements
- Measure and stimulate all dysfunctions with one probe
- Easy to operate
- Targeted, local electrostimulation
- Easily maneuverable with freedom of movement

Pelvic floor physiotherapy with the right diagnosis

Thanks to the unique design of the probe with 24 electrodes, the MAPLe is suitable for rectal and vaginal use. 

With the introduction of High Definition pelvic floor physiotherapy, new insights and diagnosis and treatment methods for pelvic floor dysfunctions have come about.

Does the patient have a left / right difference? Is there increased muscle tension deep in the pelvis? The MAPLe provides a crystal clear view of this! The MAPLe enables you to really understand the pelvic floor.


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The MAPLe® is CE marked in Europe for diagnosis and treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. 
The MAPLe® is not available in the United States. For more information please contact us.

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